Pre-teen years - slowly learning "ghosts" are real

Aug 30, 2023

Even though my mom had finally felt the bed shake; my family and I continued to create explanations for how it must have happened.  Sure, we kept playfully mentioning that a "ghost" could be the cause of the shaking, however this reason was never our serious explanation.  I had a hard enough time falling asleep at night, so to say a ghost was the cause, wasn't the explanation my parents were trying to give.  Seeing the woman sitting at the end of my bed had stopped at this point.  I'm not sure if my conscious mind was starting to block her out, because my reality at the time was that "there is no such thing as a ghost".

Fast forward a few years, around the age of 11.  I had a few very close girlfriends that lived in my neighborhood and went to elementary school with me.  We constantly had play dates together after school, and their families were good friends with my parents.   Now, this is going to make us sound like weirdo kids.  In my opinion, my friends and I were pretty "normal" girls -- involved in school sports, had lots of friends, etc.  However, we started getting interested in "spooky" things like ghosts and magic.  We would go to the library at school and research books on spells, witchcraft, and levitation and talk about the different spells we wanted to try out after school -- all very much in secret of course.  We were all under the belief, in our pre-teen minds, that we were actually capable of being true "witches".   Of course nothing ever came of it, other than a group of girls just scaring each other nearly half to death.  If you have ever seen the movie "The Craft", we were like mini versions of Robin Tunney and Neve Campbell, just minus the black lipstick and gothic clothing.  

As a side note, looking back on it, we all had a strong calling to the spirit world.  We just didn't know at this point that was the force we were feeling.  My one friend, Erin Lassial (MCHt), has continued forward as a Therapeutic Hypnosis Practitioner, using her psychic abilities to connect with Spirit during her sessions and helping others do the same.  She helps others connect to their psychic abilities to further enrich their lives giving a deeper understanding of their current life, in context of their spiritual paths.  I was talking to her today and she was saying how she really thinks our souls just knew back then.  She said, "the power of the mind is so great, that us being curious was us just actually listening to what we already knew.  We were unknowingly connecting with our innate abilities; which is connecting with Spirit."

Why do I bring up this part of my life?  Because it is another important piece of my story.  Around this time when we were meddling with the ideas of spell casting and ghosts, just like what Erin and I were talking about, I was subconsciously opening myself back up to the spirit world.  I was drawn to it and trying to bring it forward in my life, which unbeknownst to me was also setting the stage for my next experience with visitiations, again from the woman I would see at the end of my bed. 

One night I woke up in the middle of the night in my room, and needed a drink of water.  I walked down the stairs in the dark, through the living room and went into the kitchen.  Because I was afraid of the dark, I remember hurrying to get my water.  Then I walked pretty quickly back through the living room to head up the stairs and back up to bed.  You know when you see something out of the corner of your eye?  Well that's what happened to me.  While I was walking up the stairs, I turned to see what had caught my eye; and there sitting in my parents' glider, in their living room, was that same woman I had seen years ago.  The chair was moving a slow rock, and she just sat there, completely motionless... but, the chair was rocking.