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"My job as a medium is to receive information from loved ones who have passed away and relay their validations and messages to you. After your session, you will have the knowledge and comfort knowing that your loved ones are still around you; better yet, they have never left you. During a reading you will also receive psychic information regarding your current life, information from your past, and your upcoming future."

- Meg Morley 

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"Whether it's validation you need from a loved one that they are still with you or closure to a painful experience you can't reconcile on your own, I can help you on this spiritual journey!" -Meg Morley


Session Prices

Personal Reading (Call or Online) $125

Personal Reading Session (Meg's Office) $150

Personal Reading Session (Your Location) $250 per person

Group Session (Min. 5 People) $75 per person

Corporate Event Readings $2500

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