My First Attempt at Giving a Reading

Sep 29, 2023

It was a few years after college and experiences with Spirit continued to pour in.  I was living in my first home with my husband, Marc.  I have to say how thankful I am for him not discouraging me.  Even back then, he was very open to the idea of "ghosts" surrounding us, and the possibility that people could actually communicate with them.  My mother-in-law, Pam, is also a Psychic Medium; but at this time in our lives she was still in the preliminary stages of learning how to read Tarot.  Marc, Pam, Deb (my mom), and I would all frequent local psychic-mediums.  There was one psychic that we went to often.  We would sit in her kitchen and she would read Tarot cards to us, unveiling information that was eerily accurate about our past, the present, and would even give us information about the upcoming future.  Every time we left our readings, I was in total awe.  She would tell me that I was able to communicate with Spirit.  We went to other mediums in the area, and they too gave me the same information.  They said that it is in my future, that I would be giving mediumship readings to help others heal.

However, at this point in my life, it still hadn't crossed my mind that I was able to do this; give someone a reading by connecting with a soul who had passed on.  Only people that were born with a special gift could do readings, right?  I just didn't believe them.  I had "experienced" things, but there was no way I could ever talk to the dead.  

This brings me to my first attempt.  Let me give you a very brief backstory.  The summer before my freshman year of college, I lost one of my good friends, Josh.  He was driving home on icy roads to get his gear for lacrosse practice, he was an incredible athlete in our hometown, when his car slid off the side of the road.  He crashed into a telephone pole, which took his life.  Driving down icy backroads in Upstate NY is treacherous, even for experienced drivers.  Let me just say -- our community lost an amazing athlete, friend, and family member that day.  I am grateful for my time with Josh, and the relationship that I had and still have with his family.  

Now fast-forward back to where this chapter began.  I was living in my first home with my husband, Marc.  Experiences with Spirit continued to pour in.  After meeting with the local mediums who told me I had "the gift" and could give readings, I decided I was going to actually give it a try.  But there was one big problem.  How do I do it?  How would I even try to begin?  Who did I know that I could try to connect to, outside of family members, to try to give a reading for someone?... Josh.

So I sat down in my living room and did what I remember seeing other mediums do.  I closed my eyes, took in a few deep breaths, and I waited.  But, nothing happened. 

So I started to speak out loud, calling out Josh's name and asking for him to please answer me.  "Let me do this - let me give your brother a message from you, so he knows you're alright."  I waited, then tried again and again, with no luck.  Finally, I heard it.  "Meg."  I heard my name.  "Holy $h!t was he actually trying to communicate?"  I kept begging out loud for him to talk to me or show me something, move something, I don't know at this point, give me anything.  Then, I started seeing images.  First it was a red wagon.  "A red wagon?  What does that mean?"  (Later on I learned it was Spirit's way of telling me they wanted to talk about something from childhood.)  Then it was a helmet, a lacrosse helmet.  I remember thinking how that seemed too vague.  Everyone in our town knew he played lacrosse.  Was this my own mind, or information coming from him?  Then I was seeing this helmet placed on a head board.  He was showing me his headboard with a helmet on it.  I didn't quite understand.  So I called his brother, Bubba.  His wife, Shannon, answered the phone and I cautiously told her what was happening.  Thank God they are awesome and spiritual people.  They were open to me trying to pass on a message.   She confirmed for me what he was trying to say.  Their parents had recently sold their house, and they had taken the board that was above Josh's bed with all of his helmet stickers on it.  Shannon said they put it up in their bar.  Josh was trying to tell me he knew about it, and to let them know he was still around them.

With their permission, I continued to talk to Josh and relay messages.  This was only the beginning.