It's Always Changing.

Meg Morley
May 26, 2024By Meg Morley

Mediumship keeps evolving.  How the information comes in is getting clearer.  Symbols that are recurring across readings are still being used by Spirit, while new ones are also presented to me.  I try to keep my interpretation out of it, unless it's necessary for the sitter to understand what Spirit is trying to relay.

I talk to my circle of medium/psychic friends and we discuss our abilities and how we receive the information.  Experiences happen before readings or during them often that happen from Spirit, to be shared with the person I am reading or about to read for.  When Spirit manipulates energy to help you see/feel/hear/smell for their loved one, they can do it in so many different ways.  It is important to trust that this energy transfer is spirit, and not just a coincidence.  When this is recognized by the medium, it opens up a new channel of information that can be relayed.

An example of this can be seen during a reading I had about 2 months ago.  I was sitting in my kitchen finishing up a reading, and I asked the woman I was reading for if she had any questions.  She said yes, that "my father had told me he was going to come back after he passed and show me this sign.  Do you know what that sign is to validate it's him?"  So I quieted my mind and asked.  Her father showed me a bird in my mind's eye, and simultaneously, out of the corner of my eye I saw a black crow land directly outside of my door and stare in at me, then it flew away.

"An old black crow?  He said he was going to come back as an old black crow", I told her.  "Yep.  That's it.  An old black crow."

My point is to be aware.  Be open.  See the signs and notice them.  Believe it is Spirit telling you something, they communicate in fascinating ways and no, it's not a coincidence.