It can be difficult. Trust yourself.

Oct 18, 2023

The hardest part about mediumship is trusting yourself as the medium. 

Hearing, seeing, or feeling the information just happens.  You receive information so quickly and are expected to relay it to the person you're sitting with.  It's your job to provide them with the validations and messages from their deceased loved ones.  

But it can be hard.

When you are just learning to do this, it's all about trusting yourself.  You have to be able to let go of any worry that you might get it wrong.  If you are someone who is just trying to learn mediumship, give yourself some time to practice.  SO WHAT IF IT'S WRONG AT FIRST?!  The best mediums are accurate only 90% of their readings.  I have wittnessed many live readings, watched streamed episodes on TV, listened to podcasts of well-known psychic/mediums; and all of them have one or two things that might not be 100% accurate to that person's situation.  So, if you're just starting out, cut yourself some slack.

I have had so many people ask me if I think I was "born with it" or if mediumship is something everyone can do.  I don't think you have to be born with it.  For me, I had experiences with Spirit from a young age, but it didn't necessarily make me more in-tune than anyone else.  Mediumship is something that can be learned and practiced.  Soon I will be offering a "Mediumship 101" course where students will have people to practice on.  It is so important that you have a place where you can feel comfortable giving it a try.  If I didn't have people willing to let me practice when I started, it wouldn't have devleoped as quickly for me.

This brings me to one of my early on mediumship experiences with my good friend, Shantel.  I want to share it with you because maybe these experiences will help you relate and develop your abilities.

We were out for dinner one night and having a glass of wine.  We were having "girl-talk", when I was completely distracted by hearing from her grandfather.  Images kept popping in my head so quickly that I had to interrupt her, and ask her about her grandfather, Bill.  "Is that his name Shantel, Bill?"  She told me yes, his name was William but he also went by Bill.  Then there was that damn red wagon again.  But by now, I knew it wasn't a literal wagon.  It was a representation of childhood.  He was talking to me about her childhood; a field with a willow tree, that the family used to have gatherings under.  "Shantel, is this something you can relate to?"  Sure enough, that field was his property that they always would go to and sit under their willow tree.  Validations of her grandfather were coming forward.  

Next it went to messages from someone she wouldn't think she would hear from.  I gave her information about an old ex-highschool boyfriend.  This information was coming from her ex's father, who had passed away a few years prior.  I was hearing music, something that he and his dad used to do together.  He would make and record music.  "I still have the tape he made me in a drawer somewhere," I remember her saying.   

Fast forward to today.  I talked to Shantel and asked her if she minded if I shared part of her story.  She of course said she didn't mind, and then also said at the end of our conversation, that night she realized that I could really communicate with people who have died.  "How could you have known?  You didn't know about my ex-boyfriend Bryan or his father.  I just knew from that night on, it was real."

And so did I.