Growing and Changing

Dec 05, 2023

Confidence in yourself as the medium is what it's all about in a session.  Being in the middle, receiving information from an entity that others can't or don't believe they can communicate with, is hard.  Having the confidence to relay messages from Spirit really can be difficult.

Some people are what I refer to as "easy to read".  They are spiritual and very open.  They come to a session with an open-mind, even if they may be skeptical. 

Then you have others that participate with their body, but not their whole self.  They are physcially there in a session, but not actually allowing themselves to open up.  The closed-down participant really can create a barrier, whether they realize they are doing so or not.

The way Spirit provides information to me is changing all the time.  I wrote  in earlier blogs, about how in the beginning, information was given to me only in images.  What was shown to me then, I now can compare to a picture book.  They were really basic images.  Once I was fully practicing and devloping as a  medium, I had a greater understanding of what was being presented to me.  The way Spirit communicated with me changed.  I was hearing and receiving information without the pictures and images.  Spirit was able to tell me what I needed to know, and my confidence had grown to be able to relay messages in a session. 

Earlier today, I had a reading at Spirit Well Sensory Lounge, in Stuart.  I was sitting in a session with a man named Charlie, and connected to his aunt in Spirit.  She validated who she was and gave him information to let him know it was her.  (This is typical in the start of a session.  Spirit lets you know who it is I am channeling).  He told me he was a skeptic, but was open to a reading since it was his first one. 

During the reading, his aunt provided me with information I had never gotten before.  Well, I had never gotten it in this form.  She was telling me flowers at my feet.  I didn't understand, so I was asking her to elaborate.  I wanted to give him something more than, "she is telling me to tell you about flowers."  (Such a basic statement, right?)  Then she showed me a garden all over the ground in front of me.  She told me, and I knew exactly what she was saying, "my ashes were spread here.  I am thankful."  I asked Charlie if he made the choice for her ashes to be spread in a garden, and yes, those were the circumstances.  He was shocked that I would know that information.  I was impressed with his aunt for providing the information to me in a way I could easily understand. 

That challenge pops up often, Spirit sometimes gives information in a way that can be difficult to interpret.  Not today, and I am thankful.