Clairvoyance During My Early College Days

Sep 12, 2023

Off to college I go.  St. Lawrence University -- it was in the same town that I grew up in.  Thankfully, instead of staying at home my parents wanted me to have the full college experience, so I had a roommate and stayed in the dorms.  About a month in to school, I had gone to bed and felt that same shaking I had felt numerous times at my house.  I recognized it immediately, this is such a distinct feeling.  It is such a subtle shake -- I've described it before like when your dog is itching his ear and leaning against the bed.  It feels just like that, a quick but noticable shake. 

So, who was it?  I called my mom the next morning and told her what happened, to which she said, "it must be the lady!  She is just watching over you at school."  That is a nice thought.  This really didn't scare me anymore because by now it had happened so often.

Maybe that's right.  Maybe that is who it was.  Looking back, I honestly don't know.  I had a few important people in my life, at this point, that had passed away.  Thinking about it now, it could have been them.  It was just that this woman was always associated with this shaking and was the reason, in my mind, for it to be happening.  

Now I'm going to share with you the most terrifying of my experiences as, unbeknownst to me, a developing medium.  I had an experience with clairvoyance (seeing images), except it wasn't just an image in my head.  It was standing in front of me in my dorm room. 

It had to have been about the middle of the night.  I woke up from my sleep and looked down over the edge of my bed.  My bed was lofted so I was pretty high up in the air.  Standing in the middle of my room was a girl about my age, with dark hair, and she was soaking wet.  She was staring back up at me, with a tilted head.  Her neck looked kinked.  I remember rubbing my eyes, taking a second look, and she was still standing there looking up at me.  Holy sh!t.  I pulled my covers over my head and stayed there, absolutely terrified until the morning.

Jump ahead now to the summer after my freshman year.  I was back on campus, working in our President's office.  I was walking around campus one day and decided to go back to my old dorm, just to take a peek and reminisce.  I ran in to our custodian that was at our dorm -- I loved her, she was seriously the nicest woman!  I chatted with her for a bit, then thought  I should ask her about what I saw.  I asked her if she knew if anyone had ever died in our building.  Her response was so casual, "Oh yes, a few years ago there was a girl that did pass away here.  She actually lived on the same floor as you Meg."  Okay, that is so weird.  Right?  There was a girl who had died and lived on my floor!  What a strange coincidence, I saw a "ghost" of a girl in my room.  

I asked her if she knew how she had died, and she was so slow to respond.  It took some coaxing, and she warned me it was a little creepy and didn't really want to tell me.  "She ended up commiting suicide.  She hung herself up in the shower." 

Oh my good Lord.  This girl was the girl in my room.