Always Reflecting

Aug 22, 2023

I always am reflecting on readings that I've just given; whether it is the drive home from Spirit Well or even just sitting in silence after a virtual session.  Each reflection is a learning point for me.  I often replay the memorable moments, the key points that stood out to me during the reading.  Sometimes I am stumped at the way that Spirit is trying to get me to convey a message, why is it sometimes the information is so choppy, while other times it comes through so clearly?  Names, dates, memories, relationships, and just current life... there is so much for Spirit to talk about and validate, it's funny the different ways they get me to do so.

As long as I turn off my mind and let information freely come forward, and I give exactly what I am hearing/seeing/feeling, then I have done my job.  I am always grateful for Sprit, to allow me to provide messages  for whomever it is that I am channeling for.